"Nutrition Insurance"
for Your Kids

Did you know that as much as $1.7 billion is spent each year on dietary supplements in the United States alone?

In a recent study, researcher Julie Mae Eichenberger Gilmore of the University of Iowa, studied patterns of nutrient supplementation among nearly 400 young white children as part of a larger study of children’s dental health.

Parents were asked to fill out food diaries and questionnaires about their children’s vitamin and mineral supplement intake beginning at six weeks of age up to 2 years.

Results of the study showed

• Use of supplements by children during their first two years was “common behavior,” even though the study also showed most of the children were obtaining adequate nutrients from their diet alone. 

• The prevalence of supplement use increased with age. By the end of 24 months, nearly 32 percent of the children were taking some supplement. 

• Intakes of some nutrients, such as vitamin E and folate, “were not sufficient for a large proportion of young children.”

Despite all your best efforts, it isn't always easy to ensure that your kids meet their nutritional requirements through diet alone.

As a parent, do you know what supplements your child needs? Especially if your child is a picky eater??? 

Speaking of picky eaters.... 

Kids need supplements especially formulated for children, not adult multi-vitamins.

Most health problems affecting children today involve the immune system and nervous system. The consequences of poor diet, chemicals and additives, overstimulation and learning disorders are happening more and more.

Food allergies are also common among children. Milk, tree nuts, eggs, wheat and soy can be life-threatening for kids who are allergic to them. Usually, parents of these kids have done a lot of research and have questions on what is the best vitamin supplement for their children.

That's where a good supplement comes in; look for one that combines the bioavailability of nutrients with a taste that will make the child look forward to their daily supplement. There are tons of kids' products to choose from and I want to make it easier for you the parent to look at my recommended supplement list for children so you don't have to be fearful of any risk of overdosing or wasting your money.

Follow the RDA chart to research more about vitamin and mineral dosages and of course always check with your family physician.

Click on the box below to learn about one of my favorite whole food nutrition chewable supplements for children and adults that I endorse as a registered dietitian.

The Number #1 thing for a kid's supplement is that it has to taste good so the kids will take it but a lot of the children's products out there are loaded with sugar and colorings and preservatives.

Most natural vitamin products are putting natural ingredients in their vitamin lines for kids that also allow for something that is more subjective like taste. 

I personally taste-test each kid's product that I recommend because in my own personal vitamin taking -- I do not swallow pills well and usually buy chewable adult vitamins or even liquid vitamins.

Nutritional supplements come in both chewable and liquid form. Of the chewable brands, the most popular in natural foods stores is the "gummy" variety. They provide essential vitamins and minerals in a kid-pleasing form. Vegetarian and organic-ingredient varieties are available. Sugar may be the only objectionable ingredient.

To read the full article on the benefits of whole food supplements for your family, download [Open a PDF file] the published story in Today's Dietitian magazine. 

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