Healthy & Fun Smoothie Recipes

Savor a smoother day by choosing a 'Seasonal Smoothie' for your next taste adventure....

Looking for a sweet way to get your family to beat the heat of a hot summer? 

Try treating yourself to a seasonal smoothie, a wonderful way to 'chill' or get your fill of delicious nutrients in a glass....

Something as simple as adding smoothies into your daily routine can produce a positive change in the overall health and wellness of you and your family. 

Delicious goodness in a glass!

Now you can enjoy a smoothie for every season of the year!

Choose from over 150 nutrient-rich smoothie recipes with categories such as weekend favorites to fall, winter, spring, summer and even fiber-rich smoothies to add to your breakfast health.

Included with each chapter is an easy grocery shopping list. Smoothies are guilt-free, refreshing, a good source of vitamins, protein and antioxidants. Each new smoothie recipe that you make will help you get in those lost nutrients that you or your family may be missing.

Enjoy the “smoothie way” to fun and fresh nutrition! You will also receive a Bonus Eating Tip chapter that will give you 100+ ways to sneak more fruits and vegetables into your meals. Try a nutrient-rich smoothie today! 

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Smoothies With A Twist

Skip the 'normal' banana-strawberry shake. Healthy ingredients turn these sipper smoothies into super tasty SUPER DRINKS! 

Soymilk Smoothies 

Whey Protein Smoothies 

Daring Drinks 

Peach Smoothies 

Berry Smoothies 

Banana Smoothies 

Orange Smoothies 

Phytonutrient Smoothies