The Quick-Start Meal Plan

63 Healthy Meals in 21 Days


*Breakfast: Smoothie (blend 1 mashed banana and 8 ounces low-fat milk); whole-grain toast with peanut butter

*Lunch: Lean beef or turkey hamburger on whole-grain bun; coleslaw; fresh fruit

*Snack: Toasted bagel with honey

*Supper: Lean pork chops; baked potato with butter and chives; broccoli


*Breakfast: Scrambled eggs cooked with non-stick cooking spray; whole-grain toast with jelly; fresh fruit

*Lunch: Chicken-salad sandwich on whole-grain bread (chopped chicken, light mayo) with lettuce and tomato; fresh plums

*Snack: Soft whole-wheat pretzel

*Supper: Chili; whole-wheat crackers; spinach salad with salad dressing


*Breakfast: Whole-grain English muffin, topped with baked ham and swiss cheese; fresh fruit

*Lunch: Roast beef hoagie (lean roast beef, provolone cheese, hoagie roll, lettuce, tomato); fresh fruit

*Snack: fresh grapes

*Supper: Turkey tacos, hard or soft (ground turkey, cheddar cheese, salsa, romaine lettuce, tomato, avocado)


*Breakfast: Whole-grain toast topped with Monteray Jack cheese; banana; soy milk or low-fat cow's milk

*Lunch: Cheese and vegetable pizza; fresh fruit; cucumber sticks

*Snack: NutriGrain bars

*Supper: Spaghetti with meat sauce; salad with dressing; garlic cheese bread


*Breakfast: 100% fruit juice; oatmeal with raisins and honey; soymilk or low-fat cow's milk

*Lunch: Grilled chicken sandwich (grilled chicken on french bread with honey-mustard dressing); fresh fruit

*Snack: frozen yogurt

*Supper: Chinese stir-fry (Skinless chicken breast; fresh chopped vegetables, stir-fried in olive oil and light soy sauce); steamed brown rice


*Breakfast: Blueberry buttermilk pancakes; real maple syrup and butter; banana; soymilk or low-fat cow's milk

*Lunch: Ham sandwich (lean ham, rye bread, lettuce, tomato, mayo or brown mustard), honeydew melon

*Snack: Pretzels and yogurt

*Supper: Turkey burger on a whole-grain bun with lettuce, tomato, mayo; oven-roasted potatoes; 1/2 cup coleslaw


*Breakfast: 100% fruit juice; omelet (eggs, chopped tomatoes, sliced mushrooms, onions); English muffin with jelly

*Lunch: Chicken-vegetable soup; whole-wheat roll with butter; tossed salad with chickpeas and salad dressing; fresh fruit

*Snack: oatmeal cookies; soymilk or low-fat cow's milk

*Supper: Meatloaf made with lean turkey, venison, or lean beef; peas and corn; steamed carrots


*Breakfast: 100% fruit juice; whole-grain bagel with cream cheese; light fruited yogurt; banana or orange

*Lunch: Chef salad (sliced turkey, ham and provolone cheese; boiled eggs; salad dressing); whole-wheat roll; cantaloupe

*Snack: Pudding

*Supper: Chicken Parmesan (skinless chicken breast, spaghetti sauce, mozzarella cheese); rigatoni with spaghetti sauce; broccoli


*Breakfast: Waffles with butter and real maple syrup; applesauce; soymilk or low-fat cow's milk

*Lunch: Smoked turkey sandwich (turkey breast, whole-grain bread, light mayo, mustard, lettuce, tomato); apple

*Snack: Fresh fruit; popcorn

*Supper: Flounder sauteed in olive oil; baked potato with sour cream and fresh chives; steamed carrots and peas

DAY 10

*Breakfast: Whole-grain English muffin with poached egg and provolone cheese; fresh fruit cup; soymilk or low-fat cow's milk

*Lunch: Chili; nacho chips; fresh avocado slices; grapes

*Snack: Celery sticks with peanut butter

*Supper: Grilled lean steak; steamed brown rice; steamed vegetables in season; tossed salad with oil and vinegar dressing

DAY 11

*Breakfast: Whole-grain cereal with strawberries; low-fat milk; chilled grapefruit juice; whole wheat toast with fruit spread

*Lunch: Lemony chicken salad on whole wheat bread; zucchini and red pepper strips; fresh pineapple chunks; oatmeal raisin cookie

*Snack: (From the local deli or grill): Vegetarian burger on whole wheat bun with lettuce and tomato; Three bean salad

*Supper: Tuscany bean soup; crusty whole grain roll; tossed green salad with sliced oranges; peach melba

DAY 12

*Breakfast: Whole wheat blueberry muffin; yogurt with chopped papaya; chilled orange juice

*Lunch: Warm veggie pizza; spinach salad; red grapes

*Snack: (Middle Eastern Take-out): Hummus with whole wheat pita bread; Tabouli salad

*Supper: Chicken pot pie with garlic mashed potatoes; sauteed kale; whole grain bread sticks; cantaloupe with cranberry sorbet

DAY 13

*Breakfast: Hot oatmeal with raisins and cinnamon; whole grain toast with fruit spread; chilled citrus juice

*Lunch: Tomato lentil soup; turkey breast sandwich with red peppers, romaine lettuce and sliced cucumber; sliced kiwi fruit

*Snack: (Rotisserie Restaurant Sampler): Side orders - baked beans; red potatoes; steamed vegetables; whole wheat roll

*Supper: Teriyaki stir-fry; garden salad, autumn apple-cranberry crisp

DAY 14

*Breakfast: Berry special waffles; sliced strawberries; chilled grape juice

*Lunch: California Burrito Wrap; black bean and rice salad, tropical fruit salad

*Snack: Black tortilla chips with salsa

*Supper: Baked salmon; rice pilaf; fresh green beans; three melon wedges garnished with mint leaves

DAY 15

*Breakfast: Whole grain bagel with light cream cheese; grapefruit half

*Lunch: Sesame noodles with shrimp; green salad; fresh peach slices with ginger molasses cookies

*Snack: (Quick Salad Bar Take-out): Variety of greens, chopped veggies and beans; whole grain bread; fruit salad

*Supper: Italian stuffed eggplant; couscous with peas; warmed whole wheat pita wedges; chilled pears

Day 16

*Breakfast: Cereal and bananas

*Lunch: Mac 'n' cheese and veggie chicken nuggets

*Snack: Soy crisps

*Supper: Slow-cooked beef stew; Green salad

Day 17

*Breakfast: Hot cereal with raisins

*Lunch: Whole wheat pasta and tomato sauce; slices of pear

*Snack: Reduced-fat microwave popcorn

*Supper: Turkey meatloaf; whipped sweet potatoes; steamed broccoli

Day 18

*Breakfast: Cold cereal and bananas

*Lunch: Meatloaf sandwiches; coleslaw; yogurt

*Snack: Trail mix

*Supper: Vegetarian soft taco with black beans; brown rice; monterey jack cheese; homemade salasa and guacamole

Day 19

*Breakfast: Cereal and strawberries with scrambled eggs

*Lunch: Black Bean Burritos; fruit cup

*Snack: Oat bran pretzels

*Supper: Whole roasted chicken; roasted potatoes and carrots; green beans

Day 20

*Breakfast: French toast with real maple syrup

*Lunch: Chicken Sandwiches and slices of melon

*Snack: Fig newtons

*Supper: Split pea soup; grilled cheddar cheese and ham sandwich; caesar salad

Day 21

*Breakfast: Veggie omelet with whole grain english muffins

*Lunch: Pea soup; baked fries, greek yogurt

*Snack: Fruit bars

*Supper: Ginger chicken stir-fry with assorted vegetables - green onions, cabbage, red pepper - and steamed rice; pineapple chunks