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Fit Girl Cookbook and Party Planner – 14 Theme Parties & Recipes

The Fit Girl Cookbook and Party Planner was designed for today’s young hostess. The book provides unique ideas for teenagers who want to host get-togethers for their own friends.

Girls learn the basics of cooking and the art of entertaining all at one time.

The Party Planner includes - 14 menu plans, grocery lists, step-by-step cooking instructions, decorating ideas and fun activities.

Co-authors, Gina Guddat is a Teen Counselor, Health and Fitness Expert and mother of three teenage girls and Kindy Peaslee, your Family Registered Dietitian and wellness advocate who works with families to promote more natural living and eating real food (preferably locally grown). This collection of theme parties has come straight out of their own family’s fun experiences together.

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American Girl Cooks:

Round up your daughter's own American Girl friends and create a birthday-themed party centered around recipes from Molly's, Kristen's, Samantha's & Felicity's cook books! 

Dessert For the Family:

Have a dessert-themed party where each child makes three desserts for their family to enjoy! 

International Desserts:

What a great way to celebrate different countries that your child's friends may be from. The children can make a couple different dessert treats from around the world. Why not start with Europe, Africa, Asia and the Carribean? 

Ice Cream Making:

Borrow or rent an ice-cream making machine and have each child make ice cream and of course enjoy their work by making ice cream sundaes. What a great summer-themed birthday party idea! 

Summer Fruit Treats:

Take advantage of in-season summer fruits and have each child make a delicious and healthy treat using fresh fruits and also trying some exotic fruits! Make an exotic fruit basket for the child to bring home as a party favor! 

Pie Making for Kids:

Have a pie-making birthday party. How many kids do you know that know how to make a fresh fruit pie? Be the first one on your block to have a peach pie making party. Each child will make their own pie for dessert for their family. 

Lasagna Party:

This could be a lunch or early dinner party where the kids will prepare their own dough and roll it out with their own hands to make vegetable lasagna. Use an Italian decorating theme with red-checked tablecloths and serve Italian sodas for dessert! 

After School Treats:

Doesn't every Mom need more creative ways to serve after school snacks to hungry kids off the bus? Have a party where each child will make two fun and easy treats for after school time that can be made at home. 

Make Your Own Pizza or Cookie Making Theme Party:

Cooking is a fun activity that both parent and child can do together--and everyone reaps the benefits when the project is complete! Give thesegourmet chef kits out as a birthday favor and kids will love to bake their own food with this fun kit when they go back home. 

Product Features of Kid's Pizza Making Kit:

This kid’s pizza-making kit includes all the necessary ingredients and equipment to make a deep-dish pizza that serves three to four people.

The kit comes with the basics--a bag of pizza crust mix and pizza sauce--and it’s up to the child to add cheese and their favorite toppings, from mushrooms to pepperoni.

Also included are a wooden spoon, a wooden rolling pin, and a plastic measuring cup, all of which are child-sized and comfortable in smaller hands when measuring ingredients, stirring sauce, and rolling out dough.

The bright red bib-style apron keeps clothes free of tomato sauce stains, and the 8-1/4-inch round nonstick pizza pan with 1-1/2-inch side evenly bakes a small pie.

This kit is recommended for kids aged 5 and older and parental supervision is required for using the oven. 

Product Features of Kid's Cookie-Making Kit:

Includes a high-quality 14-3/4-by-10-1/2-inch nonstick baking sheet and child-sized utensils are comfortable for small hands.

For kids 5 and older; adult supervision required.

Everything is included in one box: a sturdy nonstick cookie sheet, a measuring cup, a rolling pin, a wooden spoon cookie mix, frosting, sprinkles, six plastic cutters and an apron. The cutters come in six different shapes, including a butterfly and a dinosaur.

An easy-to follow rhyming recipe encourages children to learn as they cook, and all of the components are sturdy enough to use for homemade cookies long after the supplied mix has been used up.