Stop Dieting

As a Registered Dietitian, I have never believed in diets or dieting as a way to get healthier.

I want to challenge you as a parent who may have struggled with the diet roller coaster to get off of it TODAY!

How do you know if you have been in the diet rat race?

Think about how diets, scales, food or weight preoccupation have ruled your life?

Maybe you are a victim of the stop and start diet cycle?

Maybe you view supermarkets, restaurants, and clothing stores as enemy territory?

Then you’ll love the e-book that I want to give you. By reading it, you will join the no dieting revolution....and then teach it to your kids and model it to your family.

It's a new way of thinking; deciding when and what to eat, setting realistic goals about your physical size and throwing out your bathroom scales.

With the fallout of the Atkins culture and a renewed interest in an alternative to dieting, I wanted to share this important and timely study with you recently published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association. Link to the new study and journal article. 

Childhood Obesity Epidemic

The Wellness Council of America has just finished a piece authored by Jon Robison, PhD, along with Carmen Cool and Elizabeth Jackson who have put together an issue called, " Absolute Advantage on Kids, Eating, Weight and Health.

The purpose of this work is to call attention to what is happening to our kids in the name of the "Childhood Obesity Epidemic," and to offer alternatives that actually have the potential to help our children to be healthier and happier. 

You Count Calories Don't

Yes, I would like to give you a FREE copy of a Canadian Best Seller now as an e-book. 

Author Linda Omichinski, registered dietitian, is renowned as a pioneer and leader in the nondiet movement. Linda is a revolutionary dietitian and good friend of mine who has inspired folks worldwide to embrace the freedom from dieting in their lives. Linda is founder and president of HUGS International Inc, specializing in nondiet resources for better health. Resources produced include the adult program (since 1987), a teen program called Teens & Diets: No Weigh (since 1995), and a unique cookbook, Tailoring Your Tastes. Linda’s nondiet concepts have gained world wide respect and acceptance as the leading edge alternative to a life of dieting and weight watching.

You Count, Calories Don’t will help you make healthier decisions and rebuild lifelong patterns through practical, gradual steps.

You will finally be able to live a life without diets focused on eating for energy, enjoying physical activity for fun and improving self confidence that can be passed onto your family.

Visit the HUGS program online.

So sign up today to begin to live a lifestyle without diets.

You Count, Calories Don't is the core support material for the HUGS nondiet program which is delivered worldwide by lifestyle professionals under license. Readers seeking support for a no diet decision can sign up for the

This book is fun to read - cartoons and scenarios from real life put a humourous perspective on the diet world.

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What you will learn in this book:

*Get a new focus on twin goals of energy and well-being, not weight loss.

*Understand the nature of appetite - learn to respect the integrity of this natural regulator.

*Acquire new ways of measuring success - abandon the scale .

*Find out how to foster an experimental attitude towards food, activity & daily living.

*Appreciate the importance of slow and gradual steps for lasting results.

*Accommodate your existing tastes— discover that you don’t need to deny & deprive yourself of what you really like

*Step towards accepting the factors that shaped you - family, culture, etc.

*Learn the art of affirming positive actions.

*Provide positive role modeling for others in your family.