Creating a Family Garden

Be inspired by a quote from Toinelte Lippe's book called Nothing Left Over

simple and delicious way to eat is to choose food that is as close to its natural state as you can find and then enjoy it without adding or taking anything away from it, that is, without cooking or seasoning. 

Choose fruits and vegetables that are fresh and in seasonand that have not traveled too long or too far before you buy them. If you can discover fruit that has ripened on the tree and was not sprayed in the process, so much the better. Then eat it at it's best, with the taste of the sun still there. 

If you sit at the table and actually ask your body what it wants, the answer may surprise you. Perhaps you are wondering how this works with children? In my house it worked very well, I provided a large selection at every meal, and my son could pick anything he wanted from what was there. Because everything was already on the table, he was not tempted to ask for something else becasue he knew we didn't have it. 

Children like a choice just a we all do, and they should be given the freedom to make it. Having in the house only foods I believed would be good for him meant that he exercised his choice from what was available

Eating like this simplifies life enormously. The food is quick and easy to prepare (most of it just needs washing or arranging on a plate), there are no pots and pans to cope with afterward, and when you rise from the table, you never feel weighed down.