Why You Need Your Very Own Family Dietitian!

Hi There!

I’m Kindy Peaslee, your “Family’s Dietitian”!

Yes, you can think of me as your personal food shopper, or the family-friendly dietitian. 

PLEASE don’t think of me as the food police, judging every item in your grocery cart at the checkout line. Or worse yet, I am not wearing a hairnet and hiding out in the basement kitchen at your local hospital. 

I want to be your favorite dietitian, the nutrition expert you come to again and again like an old friend, asking advice on the latest food product or health claim, finding the perfect recipe for a meal shared with your family. 

I’ve met and talked with families from Montana to New York over the last decade and my passion is to see families enjoying mealtimes in a natural way and experiencing a holistic way of living! It is exciting to witness a nutrition profession that is growing and remaking itself to include integrative nutrition practices and holistic eating of seasonal,local and fresh foods. 

I have been a trainer, mentor, and wellness advocate for healthier lifestyles for families and children on National Public Radio and local television stations talking about child obesity issues.

I enjoyed being an Americorp volunteer working with at-risk youth.

Remember, all the information on this site is provided and approved by your family dietitian who has served on the state and national boards of the New York State Dietetic Association and the Nutrition Entrepreneurs specialty group of the American Dietetic Association

I am also a New York State Certified Dietitian/Clinical Nutritionist (CDN). 

These credentials are recognized by all Health and Medical Professions. 

Click on the box to learn about my favorite phytonutrient whole food supplement that I endorse as a registered dietitian. 

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What is a Registered Dietitian?

Good nutrition for kids starts with smart, simple advice from a registered dietitian, also known as a food and nutrition expert who has met the academic and professional requirements to qualify for the credential “RD.”

Hopefully, your image of the word "dietitian" does not bring to mind a picture of a clinician in a hairnet.

Rather a registered dietitian is the nutrition expert, a food coach, who fosters growth and change in food perceptions, helps to awaken and tailor food tastes, and provides guidance in fueling the human body.

For a long time, registered dietitians have "metaphorically" been planting, tilling, watering and weeding the vast garden of consumers and food choices.

Daily, the media interpets the results of a new health study and leaves the "mess" of relaying it to the masses into the hands of the dietitians.

Most people only want to know, "What can I eat?" Yet, the public also believes that if a food tastes good then it is bad for them. 

What do I think about diets and dieting? 

The American Dietetic Association is the nation’s largest organization of food and nutrition professionals with over 65,000 members. ADA serves the public by promoting optimal nutrition, health and well-being.

An actual RD has:

* Successfully completed 9 to 12 months of internship in dietetics or completed a coordinated undergraduate program that combines classroom and clinical experience

* Bachelor of Science or Master of Science degree in human nutrition or dietetics

* Passed a registration examination by the American Dietetic Association

* Maintains the status by completing and submitting Continued Education hours to the Commission on Dietetic Registration

You can also find local dynamic nutrition professionals who do nutrition consulting for individuals or groups.