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The Healthy Family Newsletter, Issue #152 "Celebrate Nutrition Month in March"
March 01, 2012

Teach Your Family How To Live & Eat More Naturally

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Kindy's Picks on "Food Matters, Natural Living and Growing a Kitchen Garden!"

You don’t have to sacrifice healthy eating to protect your pocketbook. Every month, try new inexpensive, healthy recipes.

As we mentioned last month, we are making a shift this year in helping families to transform their health in an even greater way by teaching individuals and families to benefit from holistic living by living a natural, healthy lifestyle and cooking more natural, easy to prepare meals.

It's a new day to begin living in a more natural way in 2012 by focusing on eating more fresh, local and organic meals stop using controversial, potentially harmful chemicals in your home and on your body. Watch for more details to follow in upcoming newsletters about how to make your home a sanctuary from hidden chemicals, how to regenerate and replenish your body and how to grow your own garden this spring!

Spring is really coming and in March, be mindful of more and more signs of 'spring in the air'!

I want you to dream a little about gardening and how you can put a farmer’s market on your back porch!

How? The Tower Garden® is a state-of-the-art vertical aeroponic growing system that many people are getting excited about as a way to grow your own product on a rooftop, patio, balcony, terrace— or just about any relatively sunny place outside.

Tower Garden produce is tasty and beautiful! And a great way for your family to reap the nutritional benefits of eating more fruits and vegetables.

Most families struggle with good nutrition and the Tower Garden® option provides a fun, easy way to get everyone involved in eating healthier. Even those who have never tried their hand at gardening before can enjoy growing their own fruits and vegetables and enjoy the fresh and delicious taste of your own families produce that families naturally find themselves eating more fruits and vegetables.

Nutrition month is a time to dream of garden fun and wonderful eating with inspiration. More to come on how you can buy your own Tower Garden in 2012 in April!

To contact Kindy, visit the company website for nutrition and garden coaching!

Follow the latest nutrition and wellness news that may affect your family at the link below:

Kids + Gardening = Healthier Living


For a quick after school snack, stuff apples with a yummy filling, then slice the fruit into eye-appealing rings. The filling is an irresistible combination of creamy peanut butter, sweet honey, miniature chocolate chips and raisins.

1.Sugar snap peas. Kids love to eat them fresh off the vine.

2.Lettuce. Easy to grow and lots of cool color varieties.

3.Radishes. Within a month, these fast growers are ready to pick. Just for giggles, try red, white and purple varieties.

4.Carrots. Quick-growing carrots are perfect for short attention spans.

5.Potatoes. Kids really dig potatoes, which are as much fun to harvest as to eat.

6.Green beans. The big seeds are fun and easy to plant.

7.Cherry tomatoes. Little hands love to pick these tiny fruits.

8.Pumpkins. Plant a smaller variety, like Jack Be Little, for your smaller helpers.

9.Sunflowers. These beauties take off without much work, and come in tall or small varieties. Plus, it's fun to harvest the seeds, or leave out the seed heads to attract birds.

10.Broccoli. Like many veggies, garden-fresh broccoli tastes sweeter than store-bought.


What will your family do to get healthier this year?

Celebrating Healthy Families 2012

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