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The Healthy Family Meals Newsletter, Issue #39 -- Keep Your Cool! & Read the 2nd Family Interview
June 29, 2006

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Kindy's Musings....

Let's meet the Whitney gang -- just so you know, the picture is from a summer camp at their church, no they don't live in Wyoming!! But in the suburbs of Philly in Pennslyvania.....

1.What are your children's ages?

Micah - almost 12, Caleb - 11 1/2, Shayne - 7 & Judah - 4 1/2. And we are in the adoption process, for a little girl from China!

2.Do you shop discount grocery stores, chain supermarkets or farmer's market? How often?

I shop for my big (stocking back up, staples, etc.) grocery trips at my local Giant, Costco, and Aldi. I buy as much in bulk as I can afford on any given trip, even if it's not always cheaper. My time is too valuable to me to do it any other way. For the in betweens, I hit Weis or Clemens. My big trips occur about 1x a month, maybe 6 weeks. The "in-betweens," for things like milk, bread, juice and fresh fruits and veggies are 1-2 times a week, depending.

3.Favorite cookbook?

My favorite cookbook is the one my mother prepared for all of us kids when my youngest sibling got engaged. It includes all our family favorites, from both grandmothers' recipe boxes, and from other friends and family favorites she'd gathered over the years. There's a tremendous sense of family history, identity and continuity that I feel when I page through it. Talk about comfort food!

4.Recipe last used or created?

The last recipe that I made that was a new one and a huge hit was a Chipotle Chicken & Corn Skillet dish that I got from the meat dept. at Giant and modified to match ingredients that I had on hand.

5.What meals do you eat together?

We eat most of our evening meals together as a whole family, no matter what's on the menu. That's a huge priority to both Todd and I!

6.Biggest meal challenge?

The biggest meal challenge I have is that I'm a very adventurous cook, and I have at least 2 family members that really prefer basic, even plain foods.

7.Do you have a family garden?

We do not have a family garden this year - and are hoping to grow one next year.

8.Any grocery shopping success tips?

My best grocery shopping trip is to shop the flyers! Match your coupons to the sales, and take advantage of the specials that allow you to add variety to your diet. I plan my meals based on combinations I can make from the sales and coupons and specials. Also, retail grocery stores run their specials on cycles, so if you consistently shop one or two stores, you can figure out their cycle and even plan ahead to budget for "stock ups" and special menu favorites.

9.What has your family done in the last month to get healthier?

In the last month, my family has gotten more active. Between the pool, my husband's health issues, and my weight loss journey, we are all taking advantage of the warmer weather to bike, walk, swim and play in the yard.

10.What would you like to do in the future to eat healthier?

Our family goal - to continue adding activity and guarding the foods we add to our diet.

Thank you Whitney's for letting us into your world! Keep up the great work!

Try the easy recipe below:



Prep time: Time to freeze popsicles.

Yield: 6-12 small cup servings

"Mom,Dad, can I have something to eat?" If this isn't a summertime refrain I don't know one. For those moments when you want a cooling snack on a hot summer day, plan ahead and try one of these:

2 cups strawberries, chopped

2 cups low-fat vanilla yogurt

1/8 cup sugar (optional)

12 small paper cups

12 wooden sticks or plastic spoons

plastic wrap or foil

In a medium bowl, combine strawberries, yogurt and sugar (if used) mixing well. Fill cups with mixture. Cover cups with plastic wrap or foil. Insert sticks or spoons through plastic wrap or foil. Freeze popsicles until firm.

Source: The Scoop


With half of the American food dollar being spent on away-from-home foods, we really need some strategies for maintaining healthy eating habits while eating out.

Below are a few suggestions and strategies for combining good nutrition with dining out.

Eat Well While Eating Out!

Choose Restaurants with Healthy Eating in Mind:

• If the “All You Can Eat Buffet” is the main message on the restaurant sign… proceed cautiously.

• If time constraints dictate “Fast Food,” look for a restaurant that offers fruit/yogurt options instead of French fries or grilled chicken sandwiches vs. fried.

• Is nutrition information on the menu… if not ask for it. It is usually available somewhere in the restaurant.

• Keep healthy snacks on hand in your car so that you don’t have to make a hasty restaurant selection because you are STARVING! Dried fruit, nuts, and apples all keep well and pack a good nutritional punch.

How Easy is It to Find Locally Produced Foods While Eating Out?:

• Dining on the local cuisine can be a true culinary delight. The food is fresh, the flavors alive and the preparation done by folks familiar with their local bounty.

• Today, many of the most popular fast-food restaurants offer milk from local dairies as an option with kid’s meals or a la carte. How do you find out if a restaurant offers local foods? Just ask!

Source: Eatright Montana

What will your family do for healthier MEALTIMES?

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