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The Healthy Family Meals Newsletter, Issue #135 Garlic is Great!
September 02, 2010

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Kindy's Musings....

Food of the Week . . . Garlic

Did you know that the unique sulfur compounds found in garlic promote antioxidant activity and function as powerful antibacterial and antiviral agents?

These compounds, such as allicin, help reduce blood pressure, decrease LDL cholesterol and join forces with the vitamin C present in garlic to help kill harmful microbes and protect against colon cancer (1 oz of garlic contains 15% of the daily value for vitamin C). Along with its potent sulfur-compounds, that one ounce of garlic also delivers 18% DV for vitamin B6 and 24% DV for manganese.

And if you are concerned about the carcinogenic chemicals that can result from cooking meat at high temperatures, add some garlic to your meal to help protect against these harmful compounds.


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Mother's Seek Simple Nutrition Over Trendy Ingredients


Note: This recipe was contributed by Janis from California who entered it in the recipe contest on! Thanks Janis!


Trader Joes Honey Whole Wheat Bun

Canola Oil Spray

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Trader Joes Turkey Burger patties


Thick cut mushrooms

Shredded Mozarella Cheese

Chopped garlic

Kosher salt & cracked black pepper

DIRECTIONS: Combine ingredients into a creative and yummy burger delight! Enjoy!

What will your family do for healthier MEALTIMES?

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