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The Healthy Family Meals Newsletter, Issue #42 -- Meet the Colegroves from Ohio!
July 26, 2006

Welcome! Learn How to Combine Healthy Recipes with Family Adventure!

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Kindy's Musings....

This week, we are hearing how the Colegroves are staying healthy in Ohio....

...and read more below on how to head into the woods for a culinary adventure in the "backcountry kitchen"!

1.What are your children's ages?

Boys aged 9 and 11

2.Do you shop discount grocery stores, chain supermarkets or farmer's market?

I shop at discount stores, chain supermarkets and farmers markets

3.How often?

Twice a week

4.Favorite cookbook?

New Betty Crocker

5.Recipe last used or created?

Sorbet recipe that is milk and peanut free was the last recipe tried

6.What meals do you eat together?

Dinner meal as much as possible

7.Biggest meal challenge?

Getting our youngest to eat a variety of foods while the rest of the family loves to try new foods

8.Do you have a family garden?

We participate in a community garden

9.Any grocery shopping success tips?

Success in the grocery store is when I get the kids involved in shopping for a certain recipe or finding colors in the store that relate to healthy foods

10.What has your family done in the last month to get healthier?

To get healthier...we set up an exercise room in our new home

11.How often do you eat processed foods?

We eat processed foods more often than I want to but it is often because we have many restrictions for the boys due to their food allergies. When I find something allergen safe...I tend to care less about other details.

12.What would you like to do in the future to eat healthier?

I would like my family to eat trans fat free with minimal saturated fats. I would love to eat more whole foods.

Thank you Colegrove's for letting us into your world! Keep up the great work!

Try the easy recipe below:


A summer sojourn away from it all includes a weekend of hiking, canoeing and culinary adventure. Appease your family's hunger that they have worked up by an active weekend spent in the outdoors....






How to Prepare:

Place apple on stick and roast above fire until the skin starts to peal and the apple turns brown.

While still hot, roll in sugar and cinnamon combination. Then continue roasting apple until glaze forms.

Eat off glaze and if you wish double dip in sugar and cinnamon mix. Bake until glazed again. Continue until apple is gone.


Head into the woods with your family!

Camping foods must travel well without refrigeration. Staples for a portable picnic are hard-boiled eggs -- which make great self-packaged snacks -- cured meats like pepperoni or salami, hard cheeses, granola, fresh fruit and crunchy flatbreads, which offer a tasty alternative to chips.

Sensible low-impact camping means leaving no wasted behind: Remove unnecessary shrink wrap and other commercial packaging and repack foods and staples like sugar and flour in resealable plastic bags or small, reusable plastic containers before setting out.

To keep up your energy, it's important to stay hydrated and well fueled. Drink more liquids than your thirst indicates and nibble on high-energy snacks such as chocolate and nuts to satisfy the craving for carbohydrates and salt and to keep your muscles working.

Overall, figure on bringing along about two pounds of food per person per day.

To save on prep time, plan and organize all your meals at home, premixing the dry ingredients for each recipe and labeling each meal separately.

And then sit back and enjoy the ultimate picnic!

Resources & Info:

-Roughing It Elegantly: A Practical Guide to Canoe Camping, by Patricia J. Bell (Cat's Paw Press; $14)

-Wilderness A to Z: An Essential Guide to the Great Outdoors, by Rachel Carley (Simon & Schuster; $22)

What will your family do for healthier MEALTIMES?

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