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The Healthy Family Meals Newsletter, Issue #89 Family Mealtimes in the New Year!
January 22, 2008

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Now every week, as your family dietitian, I will be scoping out the most relevant research and news that you can use to help your family make healthy nutrition and wellness choices.


...about the food industry we shop in as parents and educators...and family nutrition and health issues today.

Here we go into the new year of 2008. May it be a year of new beginnings for your family's health!

Are you going to do anything different this year with your family meal time? After all, it's just a meal, right? That's why Miriam Weinstein's book, The Surprising Power of Family Meals, is so valuable.

As other authors have done, Weinstein tells us fewer and fewer families are taking the time to eat dinner together. Then she delves into the reasons why we should eat with our families, looking at various studies on the benefits of family dinners.

Researchers have carefully studied dinnertime—from the kind of conversation that goes on around the table to the lifelong effect that regular mealtimes have on children's eating habits.

The research indicates that many young adults with eating disorders never had a regular dinnertime when they were growing up. They literally never learned how to eat a proper meal.

Weinstein tells us that when the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse studied ways to keep kids from destructive behaviors, family dinners were "more important than church attendance, more important even than grades at school." The Center has repeated that study several times since then, "and every year, eating supper together regularly as a family tops the list of variables that are within our control."

I think there is a lot more to family dinners than meets the eye. They have "the power of ritual," giving parents and kids the chance to connect, adding a sense of security to the daily routine. They are an opportunity for parents to teach about family history and traditions, so that they give kids a sense of identity. Even dysfunctional families seem to work just a little bit better when they make time to eat together.

The point is, family meals are not just about food. As Weinstein puts it, "Supper is about nourishment of all kinds." That includes physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual.

So one night this week I invite you to join me in making a good pot of stew, set the table, and gather around the table for dinner and a conversation about the value and priority of family meals.

Remember: Eating together can make a big difference for us and our children in this new year of 2008! Thank you for sharing this timely topic and book recommendation with us!

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Brown Basmati Pilaf

Start to finish: 35 minutes


Yield: 4 servings

1 cup brown basmati rice

2 cups of water

1/2 cup of dried cranberries

1/2 cup of walnut pieces

1/4 cup of chopped fresh parsley

pinch of salt


1. Rinse rice in fine mesh strainer until water runs clear.

2. Boil the water and add rice and salt, cover and reduce heat.

3. After 15 minutes add cranberries and walnuts to top, do not stir.

4. Cook 15-25 minutes more, until all the liquid is absorbed.

5. Remove from heat, add parsley and fluff with fork, cover and let set for 3-5 minutes and serve.

SOURCE:Adrianna Holiat, Founder and Director

What will your family do for healthier MEALTIMES?

Celebrating Healthy Families 2008

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