A Healthy Family
Is A Happy Family....

The solution is the family plan, the easy-does-it workable approach of starting with kid-friendly healthy recipes in your own kitchen and bringing it to the dinner table....changing the way we feed our families!

YES, PARENTS: Raising fit kids really does start in the kitchen and around the dining room table!

Are you tired of taking on the overwhelming role of family chef and nutritionist? Do you need a step-by-step approach to raise a healthy eater and give your kids a healthy start in life?

Today you can start to learn how to find the best food sources for your kids and make a big change in your kids' diet!

Research shows that families who have meals together at least once a day eat more nutritiously than those who don't. Yet only about 50% of school age kids have one meal daily with their parents.

From now on, let a nutrition expert guide you on the secrets that gets even the most stubborn child to explore new foods and flavors. Inspiration will strike as you organize your hectic family meal times and see your kids start eating much healthier each and every day.

Every month let your newly adopted family dietitian share a favorite family-friendly smoothie recipe for your meal and snack times.

It all begins at the family table.... 

I mean, really, aren't our family meals more like a daily 'story of love'?

That's what author and food editor, Jenny Rosenstrach writes about in her part memoir and part cookbook organized around the stages of family life.

She writes about her commitment as a wife and mother to get the family dinner on the table every night. Every meal in the book Dinner: A Love Story has been cooked and eaten at least a half-dozen times in Rosenstrach's house.

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And...enjoy discovering what to cook tonight as you get more tips and resources on this website about healthy recipes for your own family's LOVE STORY

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